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The Do’s and Don’ts for Unclogging Pores

Pores might being an essential part of our skin but they can also be the root cause of many of our skin problems. The large open pores do not only look uneven on skin but can easily get inflamed. Clogged pores, on the other hand, can lead to skin problems including the acne, breakouts and scars. If dirt builds up in the pores and are not thoroughly cleaned, they make your skin look darker and unhealthy.


The cleaning of clogged pores is the most frustrating part of the of our skincare routine. Here are some dos and don’ts to keep your pores healthy and clean without causing any danger of inflammation and breakouts.



Exfoliation is a key to clear and unclogged pores. The Elysyle skincare range can gently remove excessive oil, dirt, dead skin cells and keratin off the clogged pores, leaving them cleaner and healthier. These unclogged pores will remain clear if you continue exfoliating regularly with a high quality scrub or other exfoliation product. You cannot unclog pores effectively if you don’t use a right kind of scrub.

Use a Clay Mask

If you wish to keep your pores unclogged and minimized, you can use a clay mask immediately after cleaning them up. The open pores after cleansing and scrubbing will need attention to tighten them up and prevent further clogging. A mineral clay mask is an ideal way to tone up the pores and hydrate them too.

Double Cleansing

Makeup clogs the pores while you sleep and prevents your skin from renewing itself naturally at night. That is why you should remove your makeup before going to bed. Start by removing your makeup with Elysyle Specialist Extra Gentle Cleansing Milk. It removes all traces of stubborn makeup and sunscreen residue while fighting the effects of pollution. Your skin will feel purified while regulating the sebum secretion and reducing inflammation to prevent future breakouts.


Next comes a good old-fashioned lathering cleanser and water. Because of the way the follicles are oriented on your face, it is best to wash upwards and outwards to get a deeper cleanse. If you have oily skin, you can choose foaming cleansers. For dry skin, non-foaming cleansing lotions are recommended. Alternatively, you can follow up with Elysyle Advanced Age Recovery Comfort Cleansing Foam to effectively clean and purify skin.


Squeeze the pores

We understand if it gives you an odd sense of satisfaction to squeeze out the pores to unclog them, but it is the act of squeezing that damages the skin as it leaves the pores unattended, maximize their size, and can cause infection because of our nails or tools. Bacteria can get transferred to your pores and make them infected, inflamed and acne-prone. Moreover, the squeezing damages the skin tissues that will take a much longer time to repair and clog more frequently too.

Skip Toner

Using a toner helps to balance the pH level in your skin as cleansing can throw off that balance. Healthy skin has a pH of 5.5 which is slightly acidic and maintaining a balanced pH level is crucial to skin health. A healthy skin barrier helps protect your skin from environmental stressors and keep your skin hydrated. A pH level that is too acidic or too alkaline can eat away at the barrier, leaving your skin exposed to irritation and breakouts.

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