Improve Your Appearance for Stronger Self-Confidence

You’re going somewhere today. You’re leaving your house to go to work. You’re rocking a chic pantsuit, a bold lip colour and all the self-esteem of the Hadid sisters. So why it is that one look in the bathroom mirror at work is enough to shatter your confidence?

Everyone admires a self-confident person. We may even envy them a little! People who ooze self-confidence are often at ease with themselves and their work. They invite trust and inspire confidence in others. These are attractive characteristics we often wished we had.

It’s not always easy to be confident in yourself, especially if you’re naturally self-critical or if other people put you down. But there is one thing you can do to increase and maintain your self-confidence.

What is self-confidence and why is it important?

Self-confidence is defined as an understanding that you have within yourself to trust your own judgment and abilities. Self-confidence is also how you value yourself and feel worthy regardless of any flaws or imperfections or of what others may believe about you.

People with an unshakeable sense of self-confidence come with a high self-esteem, which is when they feel that the people around them approve of them. The key to confidence is to be able to act like you are confident even when you are not. How you present yourself and appear to others is crucial.

Your appearance affects your psychological state

We’d recommend being your own BFF. Extend the same love and kindness to your mental health the way you would to an injured animal – with lots of time, love and tenderness. Here are three ways to boost your self-confidence.

Upgrade your look

It’s true when they say that when you look good, you feel good. Imagine how you’d feel when you slip into a flattering dress and high heels. Your posture improves, your legs look longer and thinner, and you feel more positive. Try going for outfits that flatter your figure. Feel free to experiment. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.

Sometimes you just need a change

Everyone has that one friend who used to have long, wavy hair but is suddenly sporting a stylish bob. We won’t be the first to think she’s through some emotional drama but you know what, sometimes all a girl needs is a change and our hair is the first thing we notice on the people we meet.

And maybe that’s what you need too. Whether it’s a change of length, hair colour or texture, or style, consult your hairdresser about the changes you wish to make and let them suggest the best option for your face shape and complexion.

Pamper yourself

It is true that beauty comes from within. What is also true is that the changes we make on our physical appearance, especially our skin, can leave a positive impact. If you don’t take care of yourself, nobody will. You can either go for a nice hot bubble bath with sea salt and aromatherapy oils or you can take the basic route and opt for a line of skincare products.

Notice any fine lines or wrinkles starting to form? Elken’s skincare Advanced Age Recovery (AAR) can help you fight against the first signs of ageing. If you’re a heavy makeup user, using Elysyle Extra Gentle Cleansing Milk to thoroughly cleanse your face and remove the makeup before you sleep. Moisturising with Essentiel Skincare by Elysyle places high importance on your skin as the product range can treat and restore as well as maintain the moisture level of the skin.

Avoid touching your face as this can spread dirt, oil and bacteria from your hands to your face and result in clogged pores and acne breakouts. If you really have to touch your face, do it only when you’re cleansing, moisturising, or applying sunscreen or makeup – only if your hands are clean!

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