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How to Empower Women

Education and familial privileges may have allowed most women in today’s world to realise their full potentials in the best possible manner. Unfortunately, there are still a section of the society of underprivileged women who lack the education and confidence to find their feet in a male-dominated society and make their presence felt.

Empowering women can give these women a chance to realise their worth and potential and here are some of the ways to do it.

1. Provide the ticket to a better life

Women and girls across the globe spend 200 million hours each day getting water that is often dirty and dangerous to their health instead of attending classes. If clean water was provided, there is so much more they could do – attend school, play, spend time with their families, or start a business. It would certainly open the door to a better life for a girl.

2. Support girls and women in crisis

Millions of girls are subjected to abuse, child labour, trafficking, child marriage, and other offenses. Equip skilled, local staff with training, education, counselling, medical care, small business loans, and other programs to can help to end cycles of gender-based violence and protect these girls and women.

3. Invest in a small business owner

Entrepreneurship is on the rise in Malaysia, especially amongst women. However, many women still face challenges such as lack of support, lack of confidence and biases from their male counterparts. Connecting with aspiring female entrepreneurs through the Women Entrepreneur Network Association (WENA) can help them realise their dream of building or expanding a successful business and make an impact.

4. Use your voice to help keep girls in school

Girls who stay in school and finish their education enjoy better health and better lives. They are more capable of taking care of themselves and their children. They get better jobs, earn higher wages, and are more active participants in community life. Yet, 130 million girls age 6 to 17 are out of school. Supporting these girls allow them to receive high-quality education.

5. Help new mothers

Help save young lives in Malaysia by donating the essentials like a bassinet, cloth diapers, soap, blankets, and containers for clean water to a new mother. Caring Moms connect mothers of young children in Malaysia to a community of women in their neighbourhoods who meet together to embrace the journey of motherhood.


Want to encourage and empower girls and women? Start right in your own home, workplace, and community. Write a note of thanks to that teacher who encouraged you years ago, pick up coffee for that new mom in your office who’s struggling to balance it all, or tell your own sister, daughter, or mother how much you appreciate them.

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