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The 5 Essentials Every Makeup Bag Should Have

Have you ever had a hard time figuring what should be in your makeup bag? It can be difficult to know what to keep and what to toss. Most times, we store old makeup brushes, concealers mascara, foundation, BB cream, lipstick, lip balm, and other products without having any use for them. Having these old products makes putting makeup on in the morning a chore. You may never find what you really need in your heaping pile of products. In this article, we have mapped out a minimalist everyday makeup product for you. Whether you are planning to start afresh or clear out your collection, here are the things that will get you through your next occasion.


Your skin is where your beauty routine starts from and it’s important that you have the best skincare products for smooth skin. We will try to keep it minimal, but it is important to have these basic skin products with you every day; a good face cleansermoisturiser, exfoliator, and sunscreen. Your skincare routine can start from exfoliating dead skin cells, making use of gentle face cleaners to clean and open clogged pores. Afterward, you can apply a bit of moisture as well. We’d highly recommend that you use Elysyle Multi-Protection UV Defense Broad Spectrum SPF50+ PA++++. This sunscreen makes your skin have a smooth and even finish while providing it with a radiant glow.


Your go-to eye makeup products should be an eyebrows pencil, mascara, eyelash curler, and a taupe colour and shimmery nude eyeshadow. Another essential eye product is a black eyeliner pencil or gel eyeliner – the gel eyeliner can last all day long depending on how much you applied.


Once you are done with your eye makeup, the next products to pick would be your face care products. A face mist of hydrating mist helps perk up your tired-looking skin and prepares your face for makeup. Our recommended product is the Elysyle Derma Hydra Hydrating Mist – this product provides your face with an additional boost of hydration. Other essential face products include; foundation, concealer and powder. Based on your personal preference, you can also include cream or powder highlighter, flat contour, blush, and bronzer.


When choosing lip colours, we tend to go overboard and pick colours that are not for everyday use. You really need just two colours in your everyday makeup bag: a neutral everyday colour and a bolder colour that you are attracted to. If you’d like, you can throw in a lip liner and lip balm.



When choosing your brushes, make sure that you pick them individually instead of in a set. There are brushes you normally don’t use whenever you buy a set. A duo-fiber foundation brush and a concealer brush is need for your face makeup. An angled blush brush is also needed as well to apply your blush or bronzer. For the eyes, an angled eyeliner brush, crescent shadow brush, and pointed blender brush are needed as well. A smaller face brush should be used for face powders.

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