Inspiring Youth Today

Inspiring the young generation of today isn’t just about ordering them around and expecting them to do what you think they should be doing. They may heed your advice when you are watching, but once they are left on their own, they may go back to doing what they were doing before you approached them.


A Reflection of Our Inner Beauty

It is common for us to talk negatively about ourselves – in particular, our appearance – when we’re expressing emotional pain. Sometimes when we feel sad, lonely or short of energy, we often express this as feeling “fat” or “ugly”. Neither fat nor ugly is a feeling yet, speaking in this manner often placed undue emphasis on our looks.


How to Empower Women

Education and familial privileges may have allowed most women in today’s world to realise their full potentials in the best possible manner. Unfortunately, there are still a section of the society of underprivileged women who lack the education and confidence to find their feet in a male-dominated society and make their presence felt.


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