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Managing That Mummy Glow With Naru Hydra

Being a mother is indeed a full-time job – one that can in fact be even more demanding than a regular office job. In the daily grind to care for their young ones, mums often have hardly enough time to care for their own skin.


Now, Naru Hydra sets out to change all that. We got in touch with a couple of fabulous young mums, @thebebemomma and @chewanfarah, both full-time mums who desire to still maintain a healthy and radiant complexion. They shared about the struggles of juggling different responsibilities as wife and mother, while finding time for that essential self-care especially on their own skin.

Rehydrate, Reinforce & Revitalise: Mummy Me-Time With Naru Hydra

Exclusively designed and formulated in Japan, Naru Hydra offers long-lasting skin hydration for up to 72 hours with just 3+1 simple steps. As she goes about her busy routine, Naru Hydra works to REHYDRATE, REINFORCE and REVITALISE mummy’s skin while DEFENDING against external pollutants and irritants for visibly plumper and bouncier skin.

This is what @thebebemomma had to say:

My skin condition has been deteriorating as a result of stress, lack of sleep & bad habits… I needed a quick solution and I found that in @elysyle_official new Naru Hydra!"
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However, thanks to Naru Hydra she rediscovered the healthy glow of her skin, and could confidently go out and pose for photos with minimal makeup.


Better yet, she got to experience Naru Hydra in a most luxurious way – as part of Elysyle’s spa facial sessions, right in the comfort of home. In these trying times when going out can still be daunting for mums with kids, a home spa is truly an amazing pampering experience not to be missed.

As for @chewanfarah, she says:

Elysyle Naru Hydra is a rescue for me when I was at the time where I have been neglecting my skin. This range is suitable for dry to combination skin. Which is my current skin condition. But ever since I have used Elysyle Naru Hydra, my skin has become a lot better."
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She loves the lightweight nature of the products which are easy to apply, yet power-packed with lasting hydration! A favourite is the Intensive Hydrating Mist which works like a toner, so she doesn’t need to bring cotton pads around. It is sprayable on the face, even with makeup on, to get rid of that tight feeling over your skin when stuck in an air-conditioned room all day long.

Indeed, mums deserve the best care even for their own skin. Follow the lead of these two radiant mothers and give your skin the love it craves for today. All it takes is three simple steps with Naru Hydra: CLEANSE with Refreshing Foam Cleanser, HYDRATE with Intensive Hydrating Mist and PROTECT with Advanced Hydrating Fluid and Moisture Restoring Cream. Here’s to a fabulous motherhood!

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