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Say Goodbye to ‘Turnip Calves’

In Hollywood, on television and in film, in the news media and in the scrutiny of public life, a noteworthy occurrence has taken hold: Women in their 40s, 50s and beyond are transforming our notions of a mature woman’s figure and inspiring us to think about remaining healthfully vibrant for far longer than we ever have in the past.


The expectations for women over 40 years old used to include the inevitabilities of a slowing metabolism and decreased muscle tone. But a new guard is showing us that the seemingly impossible is the new possible: Work hard and pay attention, and you may just be able to hit the ‘pause’ button on ageing.


Healthy legs can help us look and feel younger as we age. Gorgeous legs start with a strong circulatory system, which is crucial to keeping varicose veins and other forms of vein disease at bay. Now you can own a pair of sexy legs too, with just these three simple tricks at home!

First trick: Relax the calf

Pull yourself into a four-legged kneeling position on the ground and place the calf of one foot on top of the other leg, then slowly sit back. Your calf will feel the weight of the body and achieve the effect of relaxing the calf muscles.


If you are prone to edema (an injury, a swelling or inflammation of the body) of the calf after standing for a long time, you will feel more comfortable in the legs after doing this exercise. Do this 5 times with one foot before switching sides and repeating the same action.

Second trick: Use a towel to stretch the calf

Now sit with your legs straight and your feet upright on the ground. Using a towel to cover the sole of one foot, hold both ends of the towel with both hands and pull it towards your body. This time, you will feel the muscles of your calf tighten. Do this 15 times to eliminate the cellulite (orange peel) on the back of your thigh.

Third trick: Bend your legs

Sit straight on the chair with one foot placed on your thigh of the other leg. Bend the upper half of your body downwards while stretching your arms out. Wait a few seconds before returning to a normal sitting position. Do this 10 times each time.


Women who sit a lot at their desks will sometimes feel that their legs have a slight swollen and uncomfortable sensation. This exercise can help to relax both your thigh and calf muscles. Repeating these three steps can help to loosen your legs up and will feel more at ease.


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