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What is Inner Beauty and why is it More Important than Outer Beauty?

As children, we were told a lot of different things. Some of us are made to believe that outer beauty is a thing to be reckoned with while others are told that inner beauty is the most important thing. And then there are some who are told both are equally vital in our lives.

Despite what we have learnt, inner beauty is the one we should be focusing on in our lives. It is what’s important as our outer beauty will fade as we age yet it is our inner persona that remains.

Inner Beauty vs. Outer Beauty – What are they?

Inner beauty is defined as the beauty we have inside and has nothing to do with our physical appearance. It does not matter what your complexion is, what your hair looks like or how much makeup you wear. Inner beauty can be seen as:

  • Your characteristics, personality, and moral compass
  • Your treatment other people around you
  • Your attitude that you project into the world


Unlike outer beauty, inner beauty can be changed with little effort. For example, if someone has terrible inner beauty, they can work on themselves to improve it. It may be harder for some to do so and it can take a lot of time yet it is not impossible for anyone.


Outer beauty, on the other hand, is the beauty that we have on the outside. Our physique, looks, style, and demeanour. Many people claim outer beauty to be important, if not more than inner beauty. We are often bombarded by the media on how crucial outer beauty is in order to survive in the real world.


Unfortunately, this is a misconception that is used to sell products to us and it fuels the fashion world. Outer beauty does not last forever. Trends change, style preferences don’t stay the same and we all get less attractive as we age. Outer beauty is nice and all but it doesn’t help with your attitude towards other people.


Even if someone has outer beauty, without inner beauty, they still won’t be truly attractive to others. Being attractive is more than just having good looks. Being attractive means so much more than having a pretty face or a good body. It’s about how you project yourself to others from the inside out.

Why Inner Beauty is More Important

We have already gone over the fact that inner beauty is certainly more important than outer beauty, and do you know why?


One word: Confidence


Confidence is key to doing anything in life. Without it, you will find it difficult to succeed at much of anything. Without it, you will find it difficult to accomplish many things in your life. And the thing that makes you feel good about yourself is the confidence that stems from your inner beauty.


Without inner beauty, you can’t make friends. At the very least, you can but you can’t keep the ones you do make. You think that being attractive on the outside will keep your friends coming back? Think again.


Without inner beauty, it is hard to maintain healthy connections with anyone, even your family members. Inner beauty is the main thing that draws people to you. Without it, no one wants to connect with you on a deeper level. The only exception to this is if you are not a good person who gets friends by instilling fear, which is also known as bullying.


Without inner beauty, it is also hard to maintain a romantic relationship. Courting someone and getting married may be huge problems for you if you cannot sort out the turmoil that is going on inside of you. Being physically attractive may be a way of drawing someone in but keeping them around won’t work if you are not a good person as most people will not stay in a relationship with people who have nothing to offer past the surface.

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