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Stretch Marks and Cellulite How to Deal with Them?

Feeling embarrassed because of your sloppy skin and increasing fat? Tired of wearing those body shapers that make it look alright until you are wearing one underneath a slip dress or ball gown but reveal the heinous truth as you strip off your clothing for a skinny dip?


I’d say, it happens to most of us! Relax and take a breather. Before you explode like the bird that disappeared into thin air after trying to compete in a singing face-off with Princess Fiona from Shrek the movie!


Before we follow the standard how-to blog. Let us first understand what is cellulite and why is it the way it is.


The name might sound technical enough to fool anyone into believing that it is medical jargon for some sort of chronic disease, thankfully it isn’t. Cellulite is just another name given to body fat that hides underneath your skin. It accumulates under the skin and whenever it increases in the amount it pushes forward, making those trajectories on your skin seem like you have just gone under the surgical knife. It develops near the thighs, hips and torso regions.

Stretch Marks

Unlike cellulite, stretch marks are a result of your body going through an extreme transformation. When the multiple layers of your skin stretch due to extended pressure (may or may not be due to weight gain or pregnancy). When the upper layer stays stretched for extended periods, it starts losing its elasticity (those lines are basically tears in your upper epidermis).

Now that you have a basic understanding of what cellulite and stretch marks are all about, let’s dive straight into the solution.


All the things you can do to get rid of cellulite and stretch marks:

Top up your caffeine game. Caffeine helps to increase blood circulation which breaks down fat cells hence making your skin a lot smoother and less bumpy within a matter of weeks.

For quicker results, opt for retinol and caffeine as a combined solution. Retinol increases the amount of collagen in your skin which repairs the skin structure in the long run – you can soon have your healthy, smooth skin.

A cream that is nourishing for your skin, i.e. equipped with active ingredients like vitamin E to bring back the radiant smooth skin you had before the cellulite.

You are what you eat, so be mindful of what you feed your body. Go for foods that are rich in Vitamin C, D and E. If you have already developed stretch marks then this will prevent them from extending and others from developing.

Using Aloe Vera cream or the fresh gel directly from the plant over your stretch marks. It can help in the restoration of your skin as it contains natural enzymes and fatty acids. Leave it on your stretch marks until it dries out before rinsing it with lukewarm water.

You can also opt for derma rolling on your stretch marks. The treatment entails fine needles of almost 0.5mm in length to pass over your stretch marks on your thighs, stomach, and hips. Getting a derma rolling treatment is all about rejuvenating those dormant tissues that have excess fat on them. When the skin is pricked, the skin cells trigger the creation of new cells which eventually heal the stretch marks.

Dealing with stretch marks and cellulite at home is easy, but one should always remember that the doctor knows best. Visit your dermatologist before you opt for a cream or treatment altogether.

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