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5 Easy Hair Care Tips for Hijabis

For practising Muslim women, it can be very difficult to care for your hair as other women do. As you are wearing the hijab most of the time, it is all too easy and common for women to brush their hair for several days, but with some personalised attention, you can prevent any problems of hair care that you might encounter. Put an end to all your hair and head troubles once and for all with these tips:

1. Let Your Hair Breathe

As a hijabi woman who spends her time outdoors, it is understandable to keep your hijab on most of the time. However, it is important to let your scalp breathe. If your scalp doesn’t get enough air, it results in hair loss and dandruff. Be like Rapunzel and let your hair down so your scalp can breathe.v

2. Understand Your Hair

Every woman has a different hair texture, so it is not necessary that what might work for someone can work for you as well. Since your hair is covered for most of the day, it is important to understand what your hair type is to properly nourish it. Some women have oily scalp and have dandruff issues; if you are one of them, avoid using oil on your scalp as it can further aggravate your dandruff problem. Go for a shampoo that curbs the oil problem like the Elysyle Dandruff Control Shampoo which soothes the scalp and removes dandruff.

Curate a Shampooing Routine

3. Curate a Shampooing Routine

Shampooing every day results in increased hair fall, surely you don’t want to see that happening to you. Hence, we recommend that you commit to a hair care routine. Go for a shampoo that is curated specially for hijab bound hair, or one that is targeted at treating your problem such as the Elysyle Tricho Care range that has problem-centric shampoos for your hair problems.

Don’t Tie Your Inner Cap Tight

4. Don’t Tie Your Inner Cap Tight

We all know how terrible it feels when strands of hair sneak out of our hijab. But tying your inner cap too tight is not the solution. The small amounts of frizzy hair that you notice upfront is actually the consequence of tying your inner cap too tight. Not only it breaks off your hair but it damages them and hampers the blood circulation in your head leading to dry, dull and damaged hair.

Use comfortable fit inner snow cap

5. Use comfortable fit inner snow cap

The material and quality of inner snow caps are of utmost importance as well. Choose the right one for securing your hair such as this Inner Snow Cap by Elysyle. It is breathable, improves blood circulation with far infrared rays, soothes head pressure, increases oxygen level and modulates sleep quality. Created using natural cotton and spandex and incorporating a unique technology known as NIGEN™, the Elysyle Inner Snow Cap is not just stylish but also comfortable and useful for day-to-day wear due to its non-toxic fabric.


If you keep these 5 important points in mind, there is no doubt that you will have the same luscious locks for the rest of your life!

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