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The Correct Order to Using Skincare Products

You may already have several skincare products in your routine, but do you know what the correct order is when using them? It is true that several skincare products claim to be great by skin experts and beauty bloggers alike, but we tend to overlook the right way to using them. After consulting the skin and beauty experts, we have come up with right way of using skin care products in your daily daytime skincare regime.


Your morning skincare routine starts with the cleanser. A cleansing of your face helps to clear out pollutants, dust and leftovers from your makeup products. A cleanser works by clearing out the pores and preventing them from getting clogged. Clogged pores can lead to acne, inflammation and many skin issues, but the right product can save your skin from such problems. Start by washing your face with warm water to loosen up the dirt while preserving your skin’s natural hydrating oils and use the cleansing products to remove the dirt and excessive oil from your skin.


Men, if you are about to shave, then exfoliation is must. As women, since we don’t have to shave, we can move straight to exfoliation after cleansing. The gentle scrubbing of exfoliation can remove the dead skin cells and increase your blood circulation level, leaving your skin clear and radiant. Use a mild scrub with the ingredients suitable to your skin type. Apply the exfoliating cream onto your skin and wash it off with warm water.


Regardless of your skin type, it is important to use a toner. Toners are specially formulated to balance the pH level in your skin because cleansing can throw off that balance. Healthy skin has a pH of 5.5 which is slightly acidic. Maintaining a balanced pH level is crucial to skin health. A healthy skin barrier helps protect your skin from environmental stressors and keep your skin hydrated. A pH level that is too acidic or too alkaline can eat away at the barrier, leaving your skin exposed to irritation and breakouts.

Antioxidant Serums or Essences

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There are many night serums available at the stores but for daytime beauty and skincare routine, you should buy an antioxidant serum that is for daytime use. According to skincare experts, a perfect antioxidant serum has multiple benefits such as blunting your skin, protecting it from inflammation, breakouts and reducing the effects of UV rays and pollution.


One such product is the Bright Glow Essence by Elysyle that provides the perfect complexion with incomparable radiance. This essence harnesses the power of the Intensive Brightening Active – Tangerine Peel Extract and Hyper-pigment Inhibitor – Thymus Serpyllum Extract, along with the Advanced Nano Pollutant Blocker – C2A Complex™ that helps reduces pigmentation and boosts skin radiance, thus giving the skin a luminous glow from within.


Moisturizing your skin properly is essential after using all the rest of the skincare products. Although our skin has a natural moisture system, the chemical-based skincare products can take away the natural moisture and make it dry and irritated. It is better to apply the hydrating cream or skin moisturizer before applying any makeup product. Again, a hydrating moisturizing product must be bought based on your skin type.

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