Are Anti-Pollution Beauty
Products Worth Your Ringgit?

There are several factors that can damage our skin and we are mostly aware of these factors. What we didn’t know is that pollution can also cause huge damage to our delicate skin. Recent studies have shown that pollution has the ability to cause premature ageing.

Particle pollution is made up of tiny pieces of solids and liquids that are twenty times smaller than our skin pores. These particles can infiltrate the outer layer of our epidermis and sink into the deeper layers, causing dehydration, inflammation, and loss of firmness and elasticity on the skin.

UV rays and sun exposure are common environmental factors that women all over the world are exposed to on a daily basis. Indoor and outdoor pollution are additional factors that are harmful and can lead to severe cell damage. Dryness, uneven skin tone, dehydration, acne breakout, wrinkles, dark spots, sagging, expedited ageing and a deterioration of collagen are skin concerns caused by exposure to pollution.


Do you live close to a polluted area?

If you do, then you will be deeply affected by pollution-related skin problems. Prevention is the first step to combating this.

Elysyle beauty brand amongst other beauty brands has launched anti-pollution beauty products that help protect the skin against any damage caused by pollution.​

Beauty Tips to protect our skin from pollution

To protect your skin against pollution, it is essential to have a beauty regime that is anti-pollutant. Apart from wearing SPF, here are some beauty tips that will help you maintain a glowing and healthy skin.

Making use of cleansers, SPF-based products, and face masks will help to prevent pollutants from infiltrating your skin. But which of these products work best? Research may show that particle pollution is harmful to the body, thus, the best way to defend your skin is by getting an anti-pollution mist. You could also get a good quality cleanser, SPF, an antioxidant and Advanced Age Recovery anti-pollution shield.

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